About Us

Defensphere OÜ was founded in January 2021 by eight founders from Estonia and Croatia who were all experienced professionals and experts either in the military, defence industry, government, FPV drone business, military camera business, engineering, international business development and in the startup world. Combined we have more than 45 years of domain experience.

The original idea of the Vegvisir system was developed by our founders with military backgrounds who had been stuck themselves in armoured vehicles in the middle of the battles in Afghanistan and other military deployments. Back then they heavily missed technical tools that would help them out in their problem.

Eight founders then decided to develop the Vegvisir system by combining the military requirements with the technical expertise from the ultra low latency based FPV drone business. By now we can say that this idea has worked out well and the technical development has validated our business model.


Meet Our Team

Ingvar Pärnamäe

CEO / Co-Founder

Kaido Petter

COO / Co-Founder

Raido Saremat

Product Advisor / Co-Founder


Akadeemia tee 21/3, Tallinn, 12618, Estonia


+372 53458196

Our Partners

Vegvisir team works closely with many industry organizations and partners with armored vehicle OEM manufactures